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Weekly Deadline before each meet: By Wed 6pm, sign-up for meet job and your swimmer's strokes

NOTE: Remember to click "Save" button at bottom of page after making changes to social/meet jobs or swimmer's signups.

By weekly Wed. deadline before each meet: Sign up Your Swimmers for Their Strokes

You must declare your swimmer as "Attending", or "Not Attending" by  Wed. 6:00pm, before each meet. If you know you will miss any meets, you can declare that now. However, pls. be aware that if plans change, then change status before the weekly Wed. deadline.

1. Click the Sign-Up: Job & Swimmer strokes link, then click on green Meet Entry


2. On Your Family Swim Meet Status page, select Edit.
3. For each swimmer, select Attending or Not attending

4. If attending, check the boxes for the strokes that swimmer will be swimming. For regular dual meets, swimmers can sign-up for MAX of 3 strokes. Talk to Coach Rommy if you want help in deciding which strokes to sign up for. Since this is our first year using Swimtopia, we don't know yet how notes for Coach Rommy are sent to her, if you write something in Swimtopia to the Coach. So, contact Rommy directly.

RELAYS: Mark whether your swimmer is available for relays. Between Wed. 6pm and day of meet,  if your availability for relays changes, email and notify Rommy ASAP on day of meet, so she has time to make changes to relay teams. Talk to Rommy or any coach about relay process during day of meet, if your swimmer is interested.

5. If you have additional swimmers, follow the instructions above to select their strokes. 

6. When you are finished selecting strokes for your swimmers, click the green Save button at the bottom of the page. 

7. You will continue to a confirmation page with your swimmers attendance and strokes. If you need to make a change at anytime before weekly Wed. 6pm deadline, click the green Edit button.

Questions? Email

and Julie Johnson (MeetDataManager, MDM) will answer within a couple days.

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Required: Sign up for 2 Socials, regardless whether you paid for meet jobs buyout

Read the "News" menu item above for full description of Socials and contact info for overall Social co-Chairs Kim Karmirantzos and Susan Hale.

Each family in the Swim Team works two different socials. The only exception is when your last child on Swim Team is a Senior in High School OR if you are one of our "Leads" on a Social. The Social Leads only work the Social they are leading.

1. Login to with the email address you used during the online registration process. The blue login button is in upper-right corner. If you forgot the password or haven't activated your account yet, then click on "Forgot Password" after typing email address as the Login.

2. Click the My Account link in the upper right to check if either parent has already signed up for any Socials. Otherwise, you may accidentally sign-up for too many jobs for your family.

3. Click the Sign-Up: Job & Swimmer strokes link, then click on green Job Sign-up button for the Social you want to view.

4. Choose one person from your family and click the green Sign-up for Jobs button and select a parent from your family. Click the green Save Assignments button at the bottom of the page.

To REMOVE a Social Job, go to Step 3 and 4, and UNCLICK the box next to the job you want to remove. Remember to click the green Save Assignments button at the bottom of the page. 

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Register for the 2017 Sharks Swim Team online

Step 1 of 4)  Pls. READ all instructions before starting the online process since you may not be able to stop/start the registration process at different times.

If you have swimmers currently in Gr. 9 and above, pls. ask them before you start the online registration process, if they want to optionally provide their email address and cell phone for working at meets for $25/shift. 

Pls. enter all the parent email addresses, and/or shared family email address, that you want to receive communications from the Sharks Swim Team.

For each returning Shark swimmer, please carefully type the correct spelling of the  same FIRST and last name that was used in previous years, so the database can match up the previous recorded times with the correct swimmer.

If you don't remember what spelling you used for the first name in previous years, it's OK, it will be fixed later by the MDM (Meet Data Manager).

Step 2 of 4: Click on "Register Now" button at the right side of this page.

Step 3 of 4: To Complete Team Registration, pls. print and sign 2 Forms below, and  write a check payable to "CHSRC" for amt described in online registration payment. 

Turn in forms and check to Rommy in club office. If turning paperwork into office mail slot, please put everything into an envelope marked with your swimmer's first/last name, so checks/paperwork are kept together.

Pricing, based on grade at end of CURRENT school year:

Gr. 9-11: $125/swimmer

Gr. 12 and above:  Free! 

If all registered Shark swim team members in your family are Gr. 12 and above, volunteering for Socials and Meet Jobs is optional, but we would your help if you happen to attend any of the Socials/Meets.

Must be age 18 or younger by May 31, 2017 to participate on the swim team.

Gr. 8 and below: 

$200 for first two swimmers

$175 for 3rd swimmer

$150 for 4th swimmer

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Print, complete, and sign these 2 forms to complete your Registration.

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