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Register for the 2018 Sharks Swim Team

Swimmers must be 18 or younger on May 31, 2018.

To register for Sharks swim team you need to:

  1. Register in Swimtopia.
  2. Bring two signed liability waivers, one for CHSRC and one for JSSL (our league).
  3. Bring a check for registration fees.
  4. Volunteer for 2 Socials.
  5. Volunteer for 5 shifts at the swim meets (this will open in early May).

Waivers and check MUST be turned in before swimmers attend practices or meets.


  1. Click the "Registration" link under the Home tab.
  2. Fill in your information.

Links to Waivers:

  1. Print and fill out these two waivers:

Turn in Waivers and Checks:

  1. Write a check payable to “CHSRC” for the amount you owe. Write swimmer's name in Memo line of check.
  2. Put waivers and check in an envelope (or staple them together) and turn in to the club office, and email Sharks Registrar, Trelawney Pereira,, with "Registration" in the Subject line, so she knows you've turned in paperwork/check.

Registration Fees (based on grade in 2017-18):

  • Grade 8 and below: $200 each for first two swimmers, $175 for 3rd swimmer, $150 for 4th.
  • Grades 9-11: $125
  • Grade 12 and above: Free! 
  • All registered swimmers receive a Sharks t-shirt 

Teen Workers: Swimmers grade 9 and above may work at swim meets if shifts are available. Teens may work clerk of the course, concessions, ribbons, and set up/tear down for $25/shift. If your teen swimmer is interested, enter swimmer’s email and cell number during registration.

Volunteering for Socials and Meets: Family participation is essential to running a successful swim team. Without your help, we would not be able to run meets or provide fun socials for the kids. Volunteering is a great way to get to know other families and create a sense of community that lasts for years. 

Each family is required to work:

  1. Practice Meet
  2. 5 shifts total during any of the 5 dual swim meets. (Each meet has two shifts.)
  3. 2 Socials
  4. One shift at Champs (if you have a swimmer participating).

If you do not sign up for all 5 dual meet shifts, or you miss or do not complete your shift without finding a replacement, you will be charged $60 per shift. You can work more than one shift per meet if you won't be at every meet.

Note: If all swimmers in your family are grade 12 and above, working at socials and meets is optional, but we would love your help.

Swim Meet Buyout: Sometimes there are special circumstances that prevent families from fulfilling their swim meet volunteer obligations. In those cases, families may buy out of working at the 5 dual meet shifts for $250. Your family is still responsible for fulfilling its volunteer requirements for Practice Meet, Socials, and Champs.

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Sign up to Volunteer at 2 Socials

Read the News menu item above for full description of Socials and for contacting  Social co-Chairs Susan Hale and Queenie Abbott, who manage all the Social Events.

Each family in the Swim Team works two different socials, including families that chose the "Buy-out" option for jobs during dual meets. The only exceptions are: 

  • when your last child on Swim Team is a Senior in High School OR
  • if you are one of our "Leads" on a social event. The Social Event Leads only work that social.

If you want to check if your family is already signed up for a Social job: 

  1. Login to and 
  2. Go to the blue Welcome Menu in the upper right corner and click My Account.
  3. If you have an assignment, it will be listed under 2018 Job Signups.

To sign up:

  1. Click the Sign-Up: Job & Swimmer strokes tab 
  2. Click on green Job Sign-up button for the Social you want
  3. Choose a person and click the green Sign-up for Jobs button. 
  4. Check the "check to signup" box for the job you want.
  5. Click the green Save Assignments button at the bottom of the page.

To remove a social:

  1. Go to Step 4 and uncheck the box next to the job you want to remove.  
  2. Click the green Save Assignments button at the bottom of the page. 
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Note: Sign-ups for Meet Jobs will open in early May.

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